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Rules and Etiquette for the Transition Victoria Ning


The Transition movement welcomes strong views, humour, and a diversity of opinion, and values discussing both political and personal change while maintaining mutual respectfulness. The Transition Victoria online Ning and its forums are places for the sharing of calm and collected thoughts and topic-relevant information. A look at the Transition Principles before posting is highly recommended.


Although the Ning is a social network, posting here is a privilege rather than a right. Everyone's posts reflect in some ways on all of Transition Victoria, and so topics and dialogues are expected to generally adhere to the heart, soul and politics of what Transition Victoria is all about. The TVic Ning Administrators therefore reserve the right to delete posts or suspend accounts for any reasons we feel to be reasonable. Some of those reasons we do our best to clarify below.

Grounds for Removal of Posts

We will not edit posts, but we reserve the right to delete posts if they seem to include any of the following:

  • Personal attacks, scolding, insulting, mischaracterizing, harassment, slurs, or slander. (Treat people the way you would want to be treated.)
  • Criticisms of named organizations, companies, or TVic itself or their representatives in ways that could be perceived as lacking in supportive evidence and therefore potentially slanderous. (We like respectful professionalism, and think you can usually make your points without having to level over-generalized insults.)
  • Clearly false information that could mislead others.
  • Rambling continually about a single topic without responding appropriately to others' interventions, in ways that succeed in severely annoying even the Ning administrators.


Grounds for Removal of Accounts

In extreme cases, entire discussion threads may be locked and/or suspensions of posting rights or of profiles may be imposed for any reasons we feel to be reasonable. Some of those reasons we do our best to clarify below:

  • Repeated infractions of the above posting guidelines which continue despite a warning from the Ning administrator.
  • Being a computer rather than a real person.
  • Registering your personal profile as a fake personality.
  • Spamming, including posting or sending commercial links without clear relevance to Transition topics, or posting or sending commercial links frequently and without obvious connection to the conversation.
  • Posting under a new account after being blocked on another.

If you wish to flag an inappropriate post or profile to the Ning administrators, politely discuss a post or profile deletion, or request a new account after being suspended, contact

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