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These are two recent articles which I believe should interest all VT and related groups.


CRD, Saanich, Victoria and most communities are inviting participation and action by "community circles"; let us do so!

In the case of Robert Wipond's "Visioning our Future" stand by for further elaboration by him.

The clearest message for improved Community Planning is by Suzuki in his Black Press published "Canadian Cities at the Crossroads".

Both of these articles call for better governance and lead me to conclude that there is only one organization which can effect change: that is the provincial government. BC needs action such as was brought in by Quebec and Ontario for large interconnected "cities" such as our CRD: i.e. Amalgamation!! Montreal and Toronto are now functioning well. Mr. Campbell, we need your help!

Until the Premier says stop your bickering "kids", CRD will get very little done in long term planning for such things as "smart growth" through "smart grids", or regional transit, mutually funded.

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