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Totnes - Energy Descent Action Plan and Local Money Resources

Hi again,
Below are links to more on-line resources. The Totnes folks have released their Energy Descent Action Plan. I had a brief look - it downlaods very slowly. Also some articles on local money systems.
Totnes and District 2030, an Energy Descent Action Plan
Transition Town Totnes have delivered their long gestated EDAP. It's a magnificent piece of work and quite something to get your transition teeth into. The EDAP website has a lot of insight in it, and gives you a chance to comment at every step (it's a fine piece of web development work from designers Lumpy Lemon), but if that's not enough and you want a tangible, piece of history in your hands, you can buy it.
Transition Guide To Local Money Launched
Our latest book, The Transition Guide to Local Money, is now launched, live, and published and longing to be on your bookshelf. You can read the Foreword to ‘Local Money’ by Rob Hopkins. Author Peter North was interviewed at the Conference by Transition Radio launching his book Local Money and there is a written interview with him by Rob Hopkins. To buy a copy pop across to the Transition Books site.

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